Episode 062 - The ONE Attribute Every VO Talent Needs

March 20, 2019

Hi all,

Happy Thursday!

This week's podcast is about resilience and resiliency. I'm guilty of it - being so serious and moping when things didn't go the way I hoped.

Being resilient and keeping your spirits up during those VO "valleys" is vastly important. Listen in as I chat through my experiences with resilience and see what some of my VO friends and colleagues had to say!

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Episode 061 - The Comic Con of Voiceovers

March 13, 2019

Hi friends! Happy Thursday and happy #VOStories day!

This week, I chat with Gerald Griffith, the founder and executive producer of VO Atlanta, which is basically the Comic Con of voiceovers! Listen in as Gerald talks about who should think about attending VO Atlanta and the importance of networking in voiceovers. Be sure to pay attention to his story, "Threads", and tell me how it moved you!

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Episode 060 -Let THIS Be Your Mantra

March 6, 2019

Hi friends!

Welcome to another Thursday, and another episode of #VOStories. This week, I share some of my best advice - advice I would give to my past self; you know, the one who was just starting out in voiceovers. In today's podcast, I share my top three tips for not just my past VO-self, but for all voiceover actors - past, present and future.

Episode 059 - Finding Your Authentic Voice

February 27, 2019

Hi all! Happy Thursday!

Today I chat with the ever-lovely Bill Ratner. You may recognize him as the voice of multiple movie trailers.

In this week's episode, we talk about trends in voiceover, how to find success in voiceovers and finding your authentic voice.

Be sure to check out Bill's upcoming workshops! I know I'll be there!

Episode 058 - Marketing Yourself

February 20, 2019

Happy Thursday!


Today on #VOStories I talk about marketing. I know what you're thinking - marketing?

I used to think that too. I'm a creative, not a business person; why would I need marketing? Well, with the help of some really great entrepreneurs, I learned all I could have ever wanted to know about marketing - and now I'm sharing that knowledge with you.

Episode 057 - How to Get Called Back

February 11, 2019

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!

On today's podcast, I chat with Frank Verderosa - a seasoned audio engineer, producer and casting director. We chat about everything, from his passion for music, behaviors he sees in successful voiceover talent and how to get called back after an audition!

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Episode 056 - Find YOUR Spiritual Side (In VO)

February 4, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

This week on VO Stories, I chat about spirituality. Now before you assume anything, let me explain:

I've always viewed voiceovers as an opportunity to grow personally. I was the shy kid; you know - the one that never wanted to talk in class for fear of being wrong. When I first started out, I was working my tail off - but never saw the results I wanted or thought I deserved.

Sometimes, surrendering to the unknown in the best thing you can do for yourself. Just let go. Instead of thinking why me, try asking, "What is the lesson here?"

I promise you - it will change everything.

New episodes of VO Stories every Tuesday!

Episode 055 - Bill Smitrovich is Open and Available

January 28, 2019

Happy Tuesday!

This week on VO Stories, I chat with someone I watched growing up (what a dream!) Bill Smitrovich.

You may remember Bill from the show "Life Goes On"; I know I do!

Listen in as we chat about how he got his start in acting, the power of being available and much more!

New episodes of VO Stories every Tuesday!

Episode 054 - New Year, New Commitments

January 21, 2019

Happy Tuesday, friends!

It's a new year, so this is the time for everyone to be setting their goals for 2019. Do you have goals set already?

If you're struggling with your goals, I challenge you to think about making commitments - not goals. Listen in as I chat about the value of your goals and commitments, as well as struggles I've faced in goal setting.

Episode 053 - From Radio Shack to Running VO Castings

January 14, 2019

In today's episode of VO Stories, I'm talking with a guy who has directed over 125,000 voice over auditions (!!!) and that number is STILL growing. He runs castings at a leading bi-coastal talent agency -  the lovely, down to earth and uber smart Hugh Klitzke. 

Hugh shares what he sees that voiceover talent booking jobs on a consistent basis have in common. There are four main pillars he talks about and you won't want to miss them. We also dive into Hugh's classes and how he approaches teaching.